visuals . . . the culprit

Allow me to introduce you to Junior.  That's him all aglow.  Don't be alarmed, tumor-stuff from this angle is smaller than it appears and this is an MRI using contrast dye.  Without the dye, you'd hardly know he's there.  Junior is an Oligodendroglioma.  [That will be on the test, minus ten for misspelling.]  He's sort of like an astrocytoma.  Both types of tumors are ones that start in the glial cells where they try to smear their cooties on everything.  Fortunately for me, my brain-stuff has typically been brawnier that my tumor-stuff.  Sometimes, though, the glioma (Junior) manages a minor breakthrough and I call for reinforcements.  Four years ago, we beamed in a precise geometry of gamma rays for about a month and Junior settled back down.  This year, it's chemo.  Junior is a teenager now and he's feeling his oats. 
Oh no!  Where's Junior?  He's hiding.  Remember, he only shows up for the contrast dye.  He's bashful, sometimes. 
Here's Junior sort of head-on.  (Quiet down peanut gallery.)  I did not explain very well before why the tumor is all wonky and googly.  I hinted but got sidetracked.  I suppose it's best to go to the old standby spaghetti imagery.  Oligos and Astros are cell-dwellers--that is, they grow in the noodles.  As such, they are mostly inoperable whereas a meatballesque tumor would be easier to pluck.  Mine is especially inoperable due to its location; as you can see, Junior is situated just to the right of dead center.  Dead center is where the "motor strip" is located--i.e. yer get up and go type functions.  It's because of this tenuous adjacency that my left side is weak and even a biopsy (I had one four years ago and will have to have another if Junior keeps showing his ass) could potentially K. O. the left side permanently.
This one's for the ladies.  Check out that profile!  There's gotta be 3 prolly 4 pounds of pure genius goin on there.  How's 100, 000, 000, 000 neurons float your boat?  Glial cells you ask?  You seriously wanna go there?  How's a trillion suit you?  A trillion good enough for you? Thought so.  Come on, Junior, let's leave the ladies to their swoons.