visuals . . . march

{3/ 19/ 12} After a couple hours of mollifying assimilation, Elena Jane [mid-air] deigns to be held her lumbering uncle [standing].
{3/ 20/ 12}  Breezie [left] watches cartoons while I [right] doze.
{3/ 20/ 12}  Breezie snaps surreptitious photo of me watching cartoons and daintily holding my banana at arm's length.
{3/ 20/ 12} Discovered! "You're silly . .  just so silly."

{3/ 12/ 12}  I am sad to say that this is not a photo of me flat-out falling off the ball with my therapist springing into action to catch me.   Just another exercise during which this appears to be the case.
{3/12/ 12}  The ol' Roll-Squat-Roll-Stand, Repeat-Until-Dead Routine.
{3/ 12/ 12} Not pictured: My therapist with her back turned to me.  Pictured: Siesta.
{3/ 10/ 12}  Me and Yo Momma at the zoo.
{3/ 10/ 12}  Annalyn [right] and I [left]: Spry.  
{3/ 10/ 12} Annalyn [lap] and I [wheelchair]: Kaput.
{3/10/ 11}  "I see you, human, and I will literally eat that entire hand if it crosses that gate.  Literally."
{3/ 10/ 12} "I spit in your general direction!"
{3/ 10/ 12}  "It won't be so funny when you die of llamonia!" 
{3/ 10/ 12} "You may pet me now, but I'll be damned if I'll enjoy . . . oooh, that's nice . . . I mean, continue if you must."
{3/ 1/ 12}  The ol' Half-Fetal, Half-Constipated, Utterly-Awkward Leg-Push Routine.  This is the only piece of equipment my photographer captured on this day.  I went on to work on four others and I became much more comfortable as I went along.  Let it be known, however, that four machines later, I was an honorary Thad.
{3/ 1/ 12}  And push.  Easy-peasy.  It only looks like I'm holding on for for dear life.  See, what's going on here is that . . . when the machine . . . that is, when the apparatus starts to  . . . fine, I'm holding on for dear life.
{3/ 1/ 12}  Yahrrrrr!  One leg, ladies,  The weak one at that.  We didn't even do the right leg in order to save us the trouble of quintupling the weight of resistance.  That's right, ladies.  Quin. Tup. Ling.  Hypothetically.

{3/ 1/ 12}  Four elements to this exercise: 1] Balance with legs together on foamy blue things. 2] Throw weighted yellow ball against the trampoline. 3] Catch the yellow ball which caroms back to you at different angles each time because for reasons unknown you throw like a schitzed-out, meth-shooter all of a sudden. 4] Do all of the above while graciously ignoring the napping smurf in your peripheral sight-line.
{3/ 1/ 12}  Now, repeat all four components of the yellow ball exercise while standing in a kayak.  Or some indoor equivalent.