15 July 2012

there's that and there's this

July 15, 2012

The yarkiness lingered for an eighth day this round—a depressing little day it was.  Gone, it would seem, are the predictable yarks.  What’s interesting about the last couple days of chemical duress is that for all of their milder symptoms they are not more mildly annoying.  After five or six days of irrepressible sickness, you would think two or three days of lingering gripes would come as a relief to the bothered body.  And physically, it does.  The body feels its health encroaching like a slow tide to a parched shore.  The body reassembles its vitality like a storm-downed satellite reacquires its signal.  Yes, the body is notoriously smarter than the mind.  The mind takes that gnawing burn in the stomach to be the clutches of satanic claws.  The mind assumes that the least wooze is the largest war ever waged on the flesh of man.

So now, today, 48 hours clear of my last real complaint, the body once again tells my mind that it told me so.  And I am glad for being wrong in this case.  In this case, I say, because I yield reluctantly, because I already know, know for certain something my body cannot yet know.  Next time will be the killer.  Next time I will not recover.  Just let’s wait and see you obdurate scaffold of bone, you importunate tangle of arteries, you pig-headed labyrinth of entrails.  Just let’s wait and see.

So  . . . there’s that and there’s this:

Rounds 7 and 8, July and August, the dog days of summer rounds, are being brought to you by the good people at Tropical Smoothie.  That’s right . . . a sponsorship.  Thanks in large part to the unrivalled sociability of the ever-considerate Andrea Powell (I do not have her permission to name her in this blog, I’m sure she’d rather her benefactoring to proceed in graceful anonymity; but this is me shooting first, apologizing later) who struck up a conversation with the owner of my local smoothie joint one day while having lunch with her equally generous husband, Kevin (oops, that was a misfire, sorry Kevin).  At some point in the conversation, she brought-up my situation and how on chemo-days my smoothie-sipping hour is greatly anticipated and often the only symptom-relief I’ll have all day.  (I believe I have mentioned this in my journal before.  If not, it’s true—deliciousness deliquesces distemper.)

Whether the owner was moved by my story or Andrea’s gregariousness or both, I’m not sure, I wasn’t there.  I am sure that my friend secured a 10-day supply (two-months) of smoothies in the form of a gift card.  As you may or may not know, smoothies don’t come none cheap so I count this one of those proverbial blessings.

In summation of today’s post, I am still a whiny baby and I am still a fortunate man.


  1. So does the sponsorship require the full vinyl covering of your vehicle or the more subtle temporary tattoo ala beach volleyball?

  2. Isn't it fantastic when love pops its head in just to check in on you? It's even better when love is holding a smoothie gift card. What a sweet blessing.

  3. Larry--not that I know of. I'm afraid if I opted for the beach tattoo I'd need a new wardrobe, I don't own anything so, well, negligible.

    Amy--yes it is nice.